Decorating for Christmas

This year I started preparing for Christmas relatively late… I am still on the stage where I look for an inspiration. I would like to do something different this time and I am planning to use a lot of natural materials and DIY decorations. I like the informal style on the photo below- creased linenContinue reading “Decorating for Christmas”

Interior Design Trends For 2018. Part I

If minimalism and all white interiors are not your thing, or if you struggling to keep your house tidy and perfect, I have a good news for you. The 2018 trends in interiors forecast came to save you. In this post I will present few of them that I find interesting. Imperfection or WABI-SABI trendContinue reading “Interior Design Trends For 2018. Part I”

Men Do Care About the Design

Decorating a house is definitely a woman’s thing. Making a house a home is in our nature since the beginning of humanity. This gives us joy and makes us proud. We like if someone appreciates our effort and men seem not to care. But don’t they really? Every time I see cute shabby chic livingContinue reading “Men Do Care About the Design”

Window Display For Charity Shop

This Summer I started to volunteer for Saint Vincent de Paul charity shop in Trim. I work there as a volunteer staff but they gave me also the opportunity to do the window displays. I go there whenever I have time and there’s a need to change the exposition. This job gives me a lotContinue reading “Window Display For Charity Shop”

What I Like About Dublin

Dublin always inspires me in terms of colours and textures. I like to have a walk in town centre and admire its unique and, very often bold, style. I like bright coloured pubs with hanging flower baskets and red brick building facades… Sharp, steel constructions wrapping the buildings are also very inspiring. Dublin is aContinue reading “What I Like About Dublin”

My best three tips to stay inspired

  Sometimes as a Designer I am intimidated by the work of others. It seems like everything is already invented and there’s so many great artists out there. Other times I struggle with a project and I feel like in a dead end… Or I know something is wrong but don’t know what. Probably mostContinue reading “My best three tips to stay inspired”