Interior Design Trends in 2019 I Want To Follow

The design is always an answer to the current World’s affair hence when predicting what will be in fashion, designers study what are the current problems around. We reached the point when we spend most our day in front of the smooth screen of the phone or the computer that we need to reconnect with nature. This need is reflected in current design trends:

  • BIOPHILIA is the first trend worth of attention. Our home has to be the place we can rest and feel grounded and connected with nature. It is scientifically proven that the relationship between human and nature is important. Reconnection with nature can heal hence designers tend to use natural materials such as wood and stone as well as alternative fabric like jute or hemp. The spaces should be airy and let as much daylight as possible. The designers emphasize as well the importance of texture which activates our sense of touch.biophilia.jpg
  • SUSTAINABILITY – It is important where the materials come from and how they are produced. Better to have fewer things but better quality and be able to track the origin of your furniture.
  •  FLORAL- fabric and wallpapers. This is related to our nostalgia to reconnecting with nature.floral f.jpg
  • HANDMADE PIECES which are made with sustainable materials like clay, jute or rice paper.
  • LIGHT WOOD floors which reflect natural light. Shades like birch, white and light oak are the ones you should look into.light wood floor.jpg
  • 90% WHITE 10% COLOUR – I personally like this trend because it gives you endless possibilities to change your space at a low budget. 90percent white.jpg
  • BOLD COLOUR WALLS and painted ceilings. The rich jewel tones like indigo, burnt ochre, deep greens are the colours you should look into.
  • BIG STATEMENT PLANTS. Forget about tiny succulents, the bigger plant- the better. Large Dragon Trees, Rubber Plants and palms that make a statement. It is not only for pure aesthetics but has a positive psychological effect and improves the air quality (you can read here about plants that can clean the air in the room).
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL furniture and spaces. With a new minimalist approach to arranging the spaces and downsizing in things and houses, you need to think outside the box. An office that transforms into a guest bedroom, ottoman with storage that doubles as a coffee table. Designers are really into functional furniture that is also sustainable and beautiful.
  • CURVILINEAR FURNITURE. This year furniture will be organic, rounded shape like in the seventies. Very often in a statement jewel tone. This makes us feel more connected in nature and safe.sofa.jpg

In 2019 our interiors have to inspire our well being and strengthen our relationship with nature. Our home is our asylum after a long day at work and we can achieve that piece when we rearrange our space following these trends.

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