How To Decorate Around Tv

A TV is a thing to be found in almost every house but it is not really aesthetically pleasing item. Even if you have the newest, the slimmest model it is still a large, black rectangular when it is turned off. There are ways to incorporate it in your interior so it wouldn’t be such an eyesore.


Dark background and large interesting artwork on this wall are the first things noticeable when coming into the room

1.On a black wall. If your TV is black you can simply paint the wall behind it the same colour. This will prevent the TV from standing out when it is turned off and no one will pay attention to it.

 2. In a gallery wall. As I mentioned in this post creating a wall gallery can add some interest to a boring wall. You can simply treat a TV as if it was just another picture and arrange your pictures around it.

3. Mounted on a wallpapered wall. An interesting print on the wallpaper creates a visual impact and attracts attention. A TV attached to wallpapered wall won’t be the first thing you notice when you come into the room.



kaboompics_White Living Room With Minimalist Scandinavian Interior Design, Un'common Marble Table

A wall gallery with the TV

tv wallpaper

A TV mounted on a wallpapered wall 

In this short post I gave you three simple solutions how to design your interior around a TV if you would like to see more examples please check my Pinterest board where I share my inspirations.

I admit that I don’t like to read the long stories on the blogs. I like to  get to the point quickly so my Idea was to be more straight forward. I am curious if you like the short form of my posts? Please leave me some comments below so I could improve this blog for you 😉

Thank you for reading,



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