Creating a Wall Gallery

Wall galleries became very popular thank to inspiration websites like Pinterest or Instagram. We admire the photographs of perfectly arranged pictures or artwork on the wall… The truth is it’s no mystery and everyone can instantly add some style and a personal touch to the room.

wall gallery2

Even spaces, colour palette and frames style ties everything together here

To elevate the space by creating a wall gallery there is few things worth considering:

  • If you are hanging your pictures above the chair or sofa leave at least 20 cm between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture
  • The best height to hang the artwork is so the centre of the artwork is on the eye level
  • Think of a theme that ties the pictures together weather it be the colour palette or frame style
  • Leave even spaces in between frames or work in a square/rectangle
  • Be creative, be flexible, experiment- the pictures don’t have to be fixed to the wall. You can use decorative tape or clothes pegs to create temporary exposition that you can remove or rearrange

wall gallery1

This wall looks interesting because the frame style, theme of the pictures and industrial lighting are in relation wit each other

how to display photos

Using the clothes pegs is a good idea, especially if you like changes

Personalising the space by creating a wall gallery is a quick and easy way to transform your space. Putting your favourite pictures or artwork on display creates also a feeling that you’re at home and you can do it effortlessly even when renting.

I hope that this post encouraged you and inspired to create your own wall galleries and if you’re looking for some examples please check my Pinterest board with some inspiration.

Thanks for reading,


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