Neutral Interiors

Decorating with neutral can be a good way to create a solid base for your design. There’s many options you can choose… From minimalist, clean whites to rich greys, beiges or dark browns. Neutral interior can be transformed cost effectively according to current season, trends or mood you want to go for by changing the accessories.

neutral bedroom

The clean and neutral base is a good start for designing a room and by changing a bedding, table lamps and decoration a totally different look can be achieved.

neutral kitchen

Who wouldn’t feel good in this kitchen? It’s a clean, calm and contemporary base for interesting decorations of your choice.

neutral living1

This dining/living space is simple and functional and depending on the season can be more cosy, glamour or playful depending on decorations used.

neutral colour scheme living

This room, though neutral, is really interesting and classic.

As a designer I work with colours a lot and I can be influenced easily by the project I work on. My rented house is decorated in neutral so I could transform it cost effectively with seasons. I also tend to relax more here after work… I don’t like to spend time in the kitchen though, because the colour of my floor and cabinets is dreadful.

Do you like neutral interiors or you prefer to surround yourself with colour? If you want to create colourful room but you don’t know how to start I encourage you to use the colour wheel and you can find it here how to do it.

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