My best three tips to stay inspired


Sometimes as a Designer I am intimidated by the work of others. It seems like everything is already invented and there’s so many great artists out there.

Other times I struggle with a project and I feel like in a dead end… Or I know something is wrong but don’t know what. Probably most of us have been there.

Here are my tips to stay inspired and to improve your creative skills.

1.Drop everything and do something else

When I spend too much time on a project, especially renderings, I am not satisfied. I could constantly be adding some shadows, highlights and details. In such cases it is better to leave the work and do something else. You are no longer productive and there’s always something that needs to be done around the house like laundry, cooking or shopping… Why not have them checked from the list and go back to the project later. I guarantee that after a break you will look at the project with more friendly eye and you will see better the mistakes and will be able to fix them quickly.

2. Go for a walk

I’m telling you there’s lot of inspiration out there so grab your sketchbook or phone (this is so handy that phones have camera’s nowadays) and go out of your house. I live in small town in Ireland which is very inspiring.

I like to observe the nature. It seems to know exactly how to match the colours together. It creates perfect and unusual shapes and forms. The mood board on the top was created after I saw blackberries during a stroll in the forest.

I like to go to Dublin as well and have a tour. The architecture, the streets of a big city, a factory, even traffic lights inspire me. I often study window displays, graffiti and street art during my Dublin walks.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Creativity hates routine. You need to learn, try new things.

Our brain likes to learn especially new moves, for example if you are right handed try to write with your left hand or climb the stairs backwards. This will create new synapses in your brain and will not only boost your creativity, but will help to prevent dementia as well. I tried to learn roller skating recently and have few bruises after that so maybe that wasn’t a great idea, but I challenged myself and know what is not my cup of tea.

These were my three top tips to stay inspired. I’m curious what are your inspiration tips. Please share them with me in the comments below.


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